How to clean your shower screen like a pro!

Follow these simple steps
Don’t panic, it’s easier than you think…
We know how overwhelming it can be walking through the aisles of your local shopping centre and being inundated by a million different cleaning products. With EnduroShield, it’s really easy to not only clean your glass, but keep it cleaner between cleans too.
Follow this cleaning routine for EnduroShield protected shower glass:
  • Once a week or as needed for build-up, wipe down the glass with a microfibre cloth dampened with white vinegar and a drop of non-abrasive liquid soap (e.g. morning fresh).
  • In areas with hard water, we recommend using a stronger solution of vinegar and water (1 part vinegar to 4 parts water).
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Professional Squeegee

Compatibility tested and approved for use on EnduroShield protected glass surfaces.

  • Approved for use on EnduroShield treated glass

  • High quality silicone blade

  • Supplied with 1 handle and 2 blade lengths that you can easily interchange

Squeaky Clean Squeegee Reviews
"This is a fantastic product. Others I have purchased drag and would stick against the treated glass. This just glides down and makes the job effortless. Removes all the soap residue so cleaning the glass is made easier. Two great products are the squeegee and the microfibre cloth. Highly recommend both."
Marianne S.
"Loving the squeege to quickly wipe down the shower screen & tiles, its fast & very effective (large blade)

Haven't tried it on my windows yet but I'm confident it will do an awesome job of them too!"
Samantha S.
"Very happy with it. Best squeegee I‘be ever used"
Khin A.

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