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HUGE Shower in $5M Vegas Mansion

HUGE Shower in $5M Vegas Mansion

It's no surprise to us that the biggest shower screens we've ever seen installed in a residential home, can be found in this $5m Las Vegas estate! Glass Vegas LLC recently supplied and installed these stunning glass shower screens for their customer during a recent renovation. 


Measuring in at a whopping 14m2, EnduroShield was chosen to keep the glass pristine, protect against staining and etching and reduce maintenance on these enormous glass panels.

EnduroShield-Glass-Treatment for pool fencing windows railings and more

The world’s most effective protection against grime and dirt for your Showers, windows & more.

  • Drastically cut down cleaning time and eliminate scrubbing
  • Protects against staining, dirt, grime and hard water
  • Apply once and stay protected for 3 years

"Loving the squeege to quickly wipe down the shower screen & tiles, its fast & very effective (large blade). Haven't tried it on my windows yet but I'm confident it will do an awesome job of them too!"

Samantha S.

"Very happy with it. Best squeegee I‘ve ever used"

Khin A.

"This is a fantastic product. Others I have purchased drag and would stick against the treated glass. This just glides down and makes the job effortless. Removes all the soap residue so cleaning the glass is made easier. Two great products are the squeegee and the microfibre cloth. Highly recommend both."

Marianne S.