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Frequently Asked Questions


How does EnduroShield® work?

EnduroShield uses nanotechnology to create a durable and clear layer of protection suitable for all types of glass.

The invisible coating works by lining the tiny hills and valleys on the surface it's applied to. The result is an invisible coating that repels water, grime and even oil based stains to make cleaning super easy!

How to apply EnduroShield?

You can apply it with no experience, in as little as 5 minutes to clean glass. Each pack contains everything you need including cleaner and polishing pad.

Simply clean the glass with the pre-treatment cleaner included, apply the EnduroShield protective layer, wait for it to dry and you're covered for 3 years!

What is the best way to clean shower glass once it has been treated with EnduroShield?

To keep your shower glass looking new, the glass should be cleaned each week using a damp microfibre cloth and a mild detergent to remove any soap scum, dirt or grime from the glass.

What is the best way to clean exterior glass once it has been treated with EnduroShield?

For exterior glass surfaces such as pool fencing, railings and windows, clean as required using water and a mild detergent (such as washing up liquid).

Wash the glass with a microfibre cloth, and dry with a good quality squeegee*. Alternatively, clean with a window cleaner and a cloth. For best results clean the glass in the shade to prevent streaking.

*Recommended squeegee brands are EnduroShield Professional Squeegee or Ettore

Will the coating crack, peel or discolour over time?

No the coating is only 2 molecules thick and is transparent. It will not crack or discolour over time. It is not like a lacquer or varnish.

Can EnduroShield be applied to existing glass, including old shower screens or bath enclosures?

Yes it can. The packs include a cleaning pad and a bottle of pre-cleaner that is great for removing build-up on existing glass including shower screens. However, if the staining is more extensive we also have a glass restoration service available in most states of Australia and would be happy to discuss this further with you. Please reach out to us on 1300 720 050 if you'd like to chat further about this.

Does the water bead on the glass?

Yes, EnduroShield creates a water repellent surface which results in the water beading on the glass. The effect is similar to a non-stick fry pan.

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"I installed 2 new shower screens 2. years ago. We treated both with EnduroShield, and they still look as good as new. I am using it again next month on my daughter's new screens. It makes cleaning the bathrooms so quick and easy"

Maryon, Northeast, VIC

I was amazed at how easily it went on  

"It seems to do an excellent job on the windows. I used it on my car windows and also my shower screen as I had enough with what was given to me."

Jonna S

Love love love it!

I used it on Friday night (10/03) after my shower, and the glass is still so clean… water just beads off it now! A. MAZING!!!

Alek O