About Us





 PCT Global is the manufacturer and distributor of EnduroShield® easy clean treatments and cleaners for surfaces including glass, ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, chrome, tile, and grout surfaces. PCT Global originated in Australia, and has corporate offices in Sydney, AUS, Santa Barbara, USA, and Amsterdam, NLD.

The company is accredited to ISO 9001:2015 international standards, and the management team averages more than 25 years experience, and the lead chemist has over 30 years of industry experience. Developed with cutting-edge nanotechnology, EnduroShield coatings are supplied to a worldwide network of manufacturers, distributors, Retailers, and customers.

PCT Global supplies EnduroShield Professional to glass manufacturers and applicators in more than 25 countries, and has been applied to prestigious international projects including the Spire that sits on top of the new world trade center in New York.

PCT Global’s products have been independently tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland, Germany, for both durability and easy-to-clean functionality over a simulated lifetime of 10 years. In the U.S., EnduroShield has been durability and easy-to-clean tested by Architectural Testing, Inc. The consumer strength EnduroShield Home-Do-It Yourself kits are sold through hardware, tile, and bathroom chains in multiple countries, including the world’s largest hardware retailer, The Home Depot.

EnduroShield products have attracted some incredible media coverage over the years, with television spots on Better Homes & Garden, ‘I Want that’ - U.S DIY Network, and featured in TIME Magazine as one of 10 ranked compelling products trying to save the world.