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Glass Treatment

125ml Pack

Treats up to 8 sqm's

2 average size showers

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$67  $59 each

Great product

“We applied it to our new shower screens 2 years ago....squeegee off after a shower and they still look perfect. Can definitely recommend.

Judy | Sydney, NSW


Glass Treatment

250ml Pack (2 x 125ml's)

Treats up to 16 sqm's

Shower glass, sliding doors, windows and small pool fences

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$134 $99 each

Love This

"Now, I have glass shower screens that require a simple wipe-over with my microfibre cloth - no cleaning product necessary – to maintain their crystal clear clarity. This has certainly taken away the biggest headache in cleaning my bathroom. The same can be said for the windows in my entrance foyer. 

After treatment with EnduroShield, a simple hose down and wipe over gives a clear view to outside.”


Catherine | Vermont South, VIC 


Glass Treatment

500ml Pack

Treats up to 32 sqm's

Showers glass, larger pool fences, windows and splashbacks

Now Only

$195 $179 each

my daughter now wants hers done

“just a few words to say thank you so much for such an amazing product ,we have just moved into a new house and protected all shower screens, and glass pool fencing with enduroshield and we find it wonderful, everything stays so clean and sparkling. 

We are wanting to do our investment property and also my daughter now wants hers done."

Wayne | Perth, WA


Protect shower glass and cut cleaning time by up to 90%

EnduroShield is simple to apply and comes with cleaner, polishing pad and coating, suitable for both new and existing glass. The invisible coating repels soap scum and grime to reduce cleaning time and protect the glass from staining over time.

Keep glass pool fencing and windows cleaner

EnduroShield is applied to tens of thousands of square metres of glass pool fencing and windows each year. The coating helps protect against salt, chlorine and dirt to dramatically cut cleaning time and help glass stay cleaner between cleans.

Featured in the worlds media

We are proud to have had EnduroShield featured in some of the biggest magazines, and lifestyle TV shows in the world.


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