EnduroShield features on Oak & Orange Dream Home 7

glass coating to help clean glass pool fence

We are so thrilled to have been chosen to partner with designers Oak & Orange on their latest Dream Home 7 project.

EnduroShield featured on the glass pool fencing and louvres in this stunning pool and alfresco area.

The O&O team give some great advice on all the small details that they have added to this home which makes a HUGE difference. We couldn’t agree more with their philosophy that great design should be practical and easy to maintain.

makes cleaning glass pool fencing and louvres easy

"Keeping the glass clean is easier than you think…. even with a pool so close by 🌴💦🍹 We put the pool close to the home to create that resort feel but with that comes a splash zone 💦💦💦 That’s why we had EnduroShield glass treatment applied to the pool fence and louvred windows"

Heather, Oak & Orange

EnduroShield-Glass-Treatment for pool fencing windows railings and more

The world’s most effective protection against grime and dirt for your pool fencing, windows & more.

  • Drastically cut down cleaning time and eliminate scrubbing
  • Protects against staining, dirt, grime and hard water
  • Apply once and stay protected for 3 years

"Loving the squeege to quickly wipe down the shower screen & tiles, its fast & very effective (large blade). Haven't tried it on my windows yet but I'm confident it will do an awesome job of them too!"

Samantha S.

"Very happy with it. Best squeegee I‘ve ever used"

Khin A.

"This is a fantastic product. Others I have purchased drag and would stick against the treated glass. This just glides down and makes the job effortless. Removes all the soap residue so cleaning the glass is made easier. Two great products are the squeegee and the microfibre cloth. Highly recommend both."

Marianne S.