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I often get questions about my WHITE tiles

I often get questions about my WHITE tiles


Have you noticed the latest trend in kitchen design? White on white and light on light! Wondering how that statement KitKat tile splashback with all those grout lines is going to stand up to repeated splatter from the stove?

That’s where EnduroShield will help. The protective coating helps repel water and oil-based stains making surfaces easy to clean.


“I often get questions about our WHITE tiles and about the white grout ... is it annoying to clean, does it stain?

And I always reply with the same thing, NO, no need to worry when you’ve sealed them with the best home tile and grout treatment by @enduroshield !

** disclaimer- I only ever share products I love and swear by**



EnduroShield large tile and grout protector for large indoor tile areas

Tile and Grout, White tiles easy to clean oils and stains.


"Loving the squeege to quickly wipe down the shower screen & tiles, its fast & very effective (large blade). Haven't tried it on my windows yet but I'm confident it will do an awesome job of them too!"

Samantha S.

"Very happy with it. Best squeegee I‘ve ever used"

Khin A.

"This is a fantastic product. Others I have purchased drag and would stick against the treated glass. This just glides down and makes the job effortless. Removes all the soap residue so cleaning the glass is made easier. Two great products are the squeegee and the microfibre cloth. Highly recommend both."

Marianne S.